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The Dueber Lab develops strategies for introducing designable, modular control over living cells. We are particularly interested in generating technologies for improving engineered metabolic pathway efficiency and directing flux. Our projects have applications in the development of biofuels, specialty chemicals, and environmentally friendly processes.

Recent Publications

  • An enzyme-coupled biosensor enables (S)-reticuline production in yeast from glucose

    William C DeLoache1 , Zachary N Russ1 , Lauren Narcross2,3, Andrew M Gonzales1 , Vincent J J Martin2,3 & John E Dueber1 *

    Benzylisoquinoline alkaloids (BIAs) are a diverse family of plant-specialized metabolites that include the pharmaceuticals codeine and morphine and their derivatives. Microbial synthesis of BIAs holds promise as an alternative to traditional crop-based manufacturing. ...

  • A Highly Characterized Yeast Toolkit for Modular, Multipart Assembly

    Michael E. Lee, William C. DeLoache,⊥ Bernardo Cervante and John E. Dueber

    Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an increasingly attractive host for synthetic biology because of its long history in industrial fermentations. However, until recently, most synthetic biology systems have focused on bacteria. While there is a wealth of resources and literature about the biology of yeast, it ...

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