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The Dueber Lab develops strategies for introducing designable, modular control over living cells. We are particularly interested in generating technologies for improving engineered metabolic pathway efficiency and directing flux. Our projects have applications in the development of biofuels, specialty chemicals, and environmentally friendly processes.

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  • 2015 Meet the Bakar Fellows a Success!

    On March 18 Dr. Dueber presented his innovative indigo research project and met with several prominent industry leaders at the 2015 Meet the Bakar Fellows event hosted at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in San Francisco.

    Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from around the Bay collaborated with the Bakar Fellows to discuss how Berkeley’s innovative research can fill current and potential ...

  • Cold Spring Harbor Selects John Dueber to Teach Cutting-Edge MoClo Strategy

    The 2015 Cold Spring Harbor Summer Course in Synthetic Biology has just announced UC Berkeley’s John Dueber as one of their upcoming instructors.Professor Dueber will be teaching a cutting-edge modular cloning (MoClo) Golden Gate strategy for rapidly synthesizing multi-gene devices. The focus will be on assembling devices for expression in More News