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Avoidance of Truncated Proteins from Unintended Ribosome Binding Sites within Heterologous Protein Coding Sequences

ACS Synthetic Biology Whitaker, W. R., Lee, H., Arkin, A. P., Dueber, J.E. Abstract Genetic sequences ported into non-native hosts for synthetic biology applications can gain unexpected properties. In this study, we exploredsequences functioning as ribosome binding sites (RBSs) within

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Dueber Lab welcomes new Postdoctoral Fellow, David Stanley!

Dueber Lab is excited to give a warm welcome to our new Postdoc, David Stanley, who is joining the lab in April. David, a UCSF PhD graduate, has much to offer the lab and we are delighted to get to work!

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Congratulations to Ramya Prathuri for her Grand Prize-winning poster at IBE in Kentucky!

Ramya Prathuri spoke on behalf of iGEM presenting a poster at IBE’s annual conference in Lexington, Kentucky on March 7th and won the Grand Prize for Undergraduate postering. Great work Ramya!

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