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An enzyme-coupled biosensor enables (S)-reticuline production in yeast from glucose

Nature Chemical Biology DeLoache, W.C., Russ, Z.N., Narcross, L., Gonzales, A.M., Martin V.J.J., Dueber, J.E. Abstract Benzylisoquinoline alkaloids (BIAs) are a diverse family of plant-specialized metabolites that include the pharmaceuticals codeine and morphine and their derivatives. Microbial synthesis of BIAs

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A Highly-characterized Yeast Toolkit for Modular, Multi-part Assembly

ACS Synthetic Biology Lee, M.E., DeLoache, W.C., Cervantes, B., Dueber, J.E. Abstract Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an increasingly attractive host for synthetic biology because of its long history in industrial fermentations. However, until recently, most synthetic biology systems have focused on

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Employing a combinatorial expression approach to characterize xylose utilization in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

 Metabolic Engineering Latimer, L.N., Lee, M.E., Medina-Cleghorn, D., Kohnz, R.A., Nomura, D.K., Dueber, J.E. Abstract Fermentation of xylose, a major constituent of lignocellulose, will be important for expanding sustainable biofuel production. We sought to better understand the effects of intrinsic

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